A question asked by a boy to his older brother when they tried to run him off the battle field for asking why this man was being permitted to blaspheme the God of Israel. When Eliab tried to embarrass David and run him off Davids reply was ground shaking, is there not a cause?

Just a few short verses later we see the boy who would be king tell the giant of Gath that he was going to kill him and feed him to the birds of the air along with the rest of the army so that all the earth would know there was a God in Israel.

If a boy under an old covenant could have such boldness to prove his God is real, then we as born again New Covenant children of the most High God should be ben more bold to prove our God is real and that Jesus is Lord!

The goal is simple, we do all we can to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all the earth will know the He alone is King, Savior, and Lord of heaven and earth, and that eternal life is found none other-

That all the earth may know Jesus Christ is Lord!


I have set my heart to reach any and every person I can with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ

Rocky Brown